Movie Review of Yevade Subramanyam

Cast : Nani ,Malavika,Krishnam Raju & Nasir
Direction : Nag Ashwin
Rating: **** Value : 90/100 for Money  

Watch it for : Narration, Leads performance, Simplicity & Music
When was the last time you desperately wanted to pull your boss from his seat by sponsoring a ticket for him and felt that this would make your life easy? Hard to imagine that this feat would be achieved by an offbeat Telugu movie Yevade Subramanium . Sitting next to him with a popcorn pack in hand you would carry a smack each time the hero blip’s for thirst of money. Well if you are in for appraisals with a shrewd workaholic boss; this is the flick that I would recommended for you to stay refreshed. It’s picture perfect representation in lines of Robin Sharma’s stories
What is the story is about ?

Subbu a ( IIM pass out ) workhorse & money-oriented individual, punts heavily on meticulously planned short cuts for growth . He almost succeeds by netting his CEO’s daughter, that is when his child hood friend Rishi who stands by conviction that 'life is to enjoy' turns subbu’s life haywire .Added to it becomes more trickery for Subbu with entry of Anandi who joins Rishi to persuade Subbu for a trip to Himalayas. Unexpectedly Rishi dies in a road accident and thus driving Subbu and Anandini to take trip to Dudhgaya; a mysterious lake in Himalayas to perform last rites for Rishi . The journey changes perception of life for Subramanyam as he reforms himself to discover that giving for others creates the real bliss for life .


 Protagonist Nani has been absolutely dazzling with near perfection performance. Malavika though being a debutant came across brilliantly as Anandi. She could represent the girl next door image with ease. Vijay as Rishi though had limited presence stole first half from the protagonist. Krishnam Raju is excellent and so is Nassar . The rest of the cast are also apt for the story 

Execution & Technicalities
The director Nag Ashwin a debutant too should be given an thumping accolade for taking a bold decision of making such an eccentric film without overflow of emotions. The cinematography & music place the movie a notch above folklore travelogues. The background music would make hair stand on especially during the climax scenes shot at lake in Himalayas. Editing has been crisp& songs placed well between the script

 Stand Out Zone:

 Scene where Subramanium attains self-realization by washing his soul from the same water in which Rishi’s ashes get immersed

 Thought provoking & visually resplendent for movie lovers quite at bay away from any of the regular masala template. A contemporary theme chosen to explain deep rooted philosophy of atma jnani (self-realization) A rare feet in a commercial cinema, hats off Nag Ashwin for this feat Trade Prediction: Movie Skewed to A class centers & Overseas Market . Would make money on resale rights for other languages Go and discover yourself along Subramanium . “it’s only one life stupid “


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