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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Girl Molested in Guwahati by the Mob

I am beginning to think if my family  is atall safe in this country. It is hurting to see a teenager to be treated in this manner.The video of the incident that was leaked on YouTube, shows the mob - consisting of around 20 men - beating the girl before stripping her.
Its a shameful act from the city which was known for tolerance.
The way the entire incident took place shows the mean and beastly thoughts that our "Youth" is cultivating in them. 
What troubles me more is the fact that it happened in the city where i had seen the light of my Youth and was always proud to be associated with this part of the country; 
The bomb blasts was always troubling but this savage act has created a jarring thought of insecurity and terrorized my mind more then the inhuman act of taliban. 
The fact that media being there and not even attempting to help is disgraceful. That apart the reporter was not even sensitive to know what to ask the victim. he causes more pain by asking the victim this personal details like name, college etc.... he should have thought about his sister before asking this questions....
Please go through the video and see if you can identify anyone. The bastards should be tortured to death and this should be an example for others. please SMS NDTV at 56388 in case you identify anyone.